Castro 2 App Reviews

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Sorry I updated.

I find this version difficult to use. It appears geared for someone who wants to spend more time managing podcasts than I do. I just want the podcasts I subscribe to to be listed in a queue, most recent first, and play them in that order, allowing me to skip with a touch. If there’s a way to do that, I can’t figure it out. If there is a way and it takes more than two taps, it’s too complicated.


Love Catro, I’ve supported this app for years, keeps getting better and is clearly made and designed by a talented team. I hope they add an Apple Watch app soon

Awesome interface

The interface navigation is by far the best amongst all the podcast apps. I rarely write reviews but this is an incredibly efficient, beautiful, and intuitive interface.

My new favorite podcast player

Love the user interface and the queue. Only regrets are that there is no way to sort podcasts in reverse chronological order, or search within a podcast. Also, the skip pauses feature is a little too aggressive.

I couldn’t survive without Castro

4900 episodes in my queue and no performance issues at all whereas Overcast struggled. The chapter preselection and skip silences and skip intros are must haves; I only recently started using the skip intros feature and it is magical!

Best podcast app

This is the absolute best podcast app. Only thing that would make it better now is more Apple Watch integration. Congrats to the developers. They do a very good job.

Really disappointed about Watch playback

I was really looking forward to see how Castro would implement standalone Watch playback. Turns out not at all. Looks like it’s back to Overcast. Previous review: It’s great to finally have smart speed in this amazingly designed app. I hope Apple updates the Watch APIs to allow for stand along playback on the Watch. My biggest remaining hope is that Supertop can add syncing and a way to listen on Mac (preferably a Mac app, but a website would work). An iPad interface would also be wonderful.

What I miss most when I use my Android

I switch between iPhone and android phones. Castro is the biggest loss every time I leave iPhone. There’s simply nothing quite like it. (I work in podcasting and try all apps.) The inbox triage system is perfect. Great duo of devs behind the product, too. Keep it up.

Everything I want in a podcast app.

In a culture where we’ve been socialised into needing/using multiple apps to cobble together a solution, because this one does that, but that one does this other thing I like, and that other one does that one thing I can’t live without, it’s a real pleasure to find an app that perfectly matches how I want to handle and listen to podcasts. Triage, priority, drag-and-drop, audio prefs, Castro has it all for me. Sweetly priced, too. 5/5.

Best I’ve ever used.

I’ve searched forever for a podcast player that works for me as well as this one. Thank goodness the other player I settled on stopped working a while ago, otherwise I wouldn’t have had to go looking again. The ability to queue up new podcasts in whatever order I choose into a playlist is simple and genius. It’s changed my relationship with my enormous amounts of podcasts I’m subscribed to.

Inbox Zero for Podcasts

Castro is an awesome app that is truly unique among podcast players. I love podcasts...maybe TOO much. I would end up with a list of episodes that was almost to daunting to tackle. Castro has allowed me to curate my own list and keep only those episodes I actually want to hear. Perfect.

Don’t use if your LTE is poor

Castro does not cache thumbnails or podcast descriptions. So, if you don’t have good cell service and WiFi when using the app you will either have no thumbnails and podcast descriptions if you turn off its access to the little cell service you have, OR if you give the app access to cell service it will consume lots of battery constantly going to servers for updates.

Cool concepts but lacking iPad support

The paradigm of managing podcasts with an inbox and queue is very intriguing. Problem I have is the lack of other supported devices especially iPad.

Absolutely love it — perfect queue management

I was looking for months for a podcast app that worked like this, and I’m so excited to have finally found it. You subscribe to podcasts and then new episodes show up in an Inbox queue, where you can archive them (delete) or add to your listening queue either at the top or bottom. And then you can move the queue around into the order you want. Love it!

Best podcast app I've found

I tried many podcast apps after they changed the apple podcast app. Pros: It is free, no bugs/crashes, easy to use. You have to select each podcast episode to download and at first I thought I wouldn't like this. I'm used to other apps automatically downloading episodes of podcasts that I'm subscribed to. But I found this actually a good thing. It is very fast and easy to dowoading episodes and it saves space on my phone. It's worth a try if you are looking for a good app.

Awesome once you get the hang of it

Using free version

Best Podcast App for Podcast Management

Finally an app that can manage my podcast habits. Love the direction this app is heading with its ability for podcast management. Please support the developers in their efforts to maintain a wonderful podcast app.

Love it except one thing

This app is such an improvement over Apple podcasts. The inbox and queue features are really great. The only thing that is really bugging me is that it frequently cuts off the last couple minutes of a podcast. Why is it doing this?!

Great app!

Much easier to organize your podcasts with this app. Easy to store things to build an archive. Love it!

Love this App!

The design is modern and feels very iOS native. I’m in love with small details like the rounded corners, and the haptic feedback throughout this app makes it a joy to use as you move through the interface, and the drag & drop functionality. My wishlist: -Swipe left & right to move between Queue, Inbox, and Archive -Time remaining in an episode displayed on Apple Watch -An overall time saved stat for Trim Silence -True black dark mode theme -iPad app


All this time people wanted and other podcast players offered a “silence skip” option. It’s one of the reasons even after purchasing the app long ago I stopped using it. I knew once I seen they went to a freemium model and had a paid subscription that feature would now be available. Ugly design decision. Although I’m trying the “Premium” version the way those who paid for the paid version or those who don’t pay for a subscription see a grayed locked out button is horrible. They could make it so you don’t always have to see that grayed locked out button for silence skip (or whatever they call it) but it does also always put it in your face that a subscription service is offered.

Digital Crown volume control

Great app. Much more responsive than Apple’s podcast app. It’s unfortunate that the Watch app does not support using the watch’s digital crown to control volume. Would also be great if when going through inbox if could swipe left/right to quickly sort between download, archive, or other options. Some of us are subscribed to a dozen or more podcasts and can tell from the title that we want to skip a given podcast with reading the whole description.

Best Podcast Organization I’ve Found So Far

After using Downcast and then Overcast for years, I tried Castro when Overcast was acting a bit weird (bugs? No idea). Turns out the Inbox + Queue organization scheme works much better for me since I have only a few podcasts where I listen to every episode, but subscribe to many I may want to listen to every now and then.

Ability to search for episodes within a podcast?

This app would be PERFECT if there was a way to search for episodes within a certain podcast. Like I could open SYSK and then search for an episode within their library. Maybe there is, am I missing it? If not I really think it would be useful to add this feature.

The queue system is perfect for me

Excellent for having podcasts already downloaded and not fill up with podcasts I’m not going to listen to.

Beautiful but maybe not suited for fiction

Just a phenomenal app, y'all, well done. First off, thank you for the import function that let me even give Castro a proper try. The ability to have more than one list might make it better suited for people who listen to fiction, but for users who are listening to non-fiction (which benefits less from the binge approach) I imagine this is just an absolute revelation. It's not a fit for my needs but I'm not every listener.

Nice control of podcasts

I am often out of cell service so I needed a podcast player that would download episodes. The interface is not totally intuitive but once you learn it, not bad. You can still see episodes in your inbox but not downloaded. Then you can set on a per podcast level, how to add it to the play queue, which will download the episode.

Works great

I have purchased a new car recently that has Apple CarPlay, and have started listening to podcasts on my morning and evening commutes. I wasn’t feeling it with the standard Apple podcast app, so I did my research and tried out Castro due to its CarPlay compatibility and other features. Love the “inbox” and queue features as I am trying out many new podcasts from different genres. Also like that I can put individual podcasts in the queue and not have to subscribe if I end up not liking it. I’m sure other features such as play speed will come in handy as more podcasts get added and listened to.

Dark wonder

I listen to podcasts in the middle of the night when I can't sleep. The fabulous dark interface is perfect. Easy to use sleep timer and speed buttons and it resets timer if timer ends and you hit play to continue listening. I am so happy with this app and so glad to be away from the horrible Apple podcast app.

Very solid podcast player

Castro provides a very nice listening experience for my podcasts. I will occasionally have a problem pop up where two podcasts somehow play simultaneously, but it is a minor nuisance. I shut down and restart the app and ‘Voila!’, I’m back in business. Castro sure makes my daily commute go a lot faster!

Great but feature creep

I liked Castro because it was the app for people who just want to enjoy podcasts, not power users who want to trim out every bit of silence. Castro 2 was so well designed and every aspect of the inferace felt meaningful. But now if I'm not a Castro Plus subscriber, I have to look at a locked Trim Silence button in the dead center of my screen every time I play a podcast. I explicitly don't want this or any other Plus feature but it's now cluttering my interface. I liked Castro for its simplicity. That's what made it different. This update feels more focused on catching up to other players though. The devs did a great job of that, but I'm afraid it comes at the cost of losing what made me love Castro in the first place.


We as old users paid for the full app. So you as a developer should know that we have the privilege to have the full access. At first i was okey with it giving that we had what the old version offered. But not anymore! you developers should appreciate old costumes. We bought the app because we loved your product, but cutting us off by every change you guys make in every update is unacceptable. Please reconsider the decision you guys made😊

Great for managing subscriptions

Castro’s best feature is the Inbox system. It gives me a chance to manage new podcasts before they end up in my queue. If I don’t want to listen to a particular episode, I can archive it. And I can easily rearrange my queue so when I’m driving to work, it will just pick up the next in my podcast playlist. Perfect.

This app is broken.

The recent update to a new engine has rendered this app practically unusable. Podcasts will stop playing unexpectedly, will not start back unless I hard close and reopen the app (and sometimes not even then), and lose their place, sometimes causing podcast episodes to be archived without warning. All of this even after the most recent update which purports to fix many of these very issues. I was enjoying this app because I could just start it up in the morning and it would play new podcast episodes all day with no intervention. I work someplace where I can't have my phone out of my pocket during the day at all, so an app that requires me to constantly fiddle with it to find my place in and play podcasts after they suddenly stop is no good at all. I am really sad that the devs have ruined their app.

The best so far!

How this app works is brilliant! You get all new episodes in your inbox. You can either get rid of them or add them to your queue. No other podcast app does this that I’m aware of. The design is beautiful. The app is easy to use. Themes look fantastic! I can’t say enough good things! The Apple Watch app is great, the CarPlay feature works great. The only thing is I wish there was an iPad app. Do yourself a favor and grab this app!


I could listen to this all day. Weird is wonderful.

One of my favourite, most-used apps

I listen to podcasts most days, and have been a happy Castro user since 1.0. The current version is easily the best yet, making it both fun and functional to use. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on features found elsewhere, and the way Castro implements the features is very intuitive, plus, its triage system is still the best way I’ve found to manage my podcast subscriptions. It was an easy decision to subscribe to Castro Plus.

Best app ver for podcast

Thanks for this fantastic app for fallowing my podcasts

Get it

It’s a good one.


Best app I’ve tried in a year. Amazing support videos and instructions. Amazing

Simple Design, Easy to Use

I really like this app for the easy-to-navigate and clean design. I listen to a lot of podcasts, and this helps me keep track of them all. My only frustration is that it seems like there’s always some sort of bug or glitch popping up (cutting off at the end of a recording, skipping back or ahead a few seconds, etc.). These usually get fixed eventually, but it can be a bit annoying when it happens on almost every listen.

Playback Error

Love the app, yet after a recent update - When I switch podcast episodes, the app will freeze for a few seconds. When the second episode plays, the original episode starts playing + both audio streams overlap.

Love the attention to detail

They really spent time making each interaction intuitive and natural feeling. I really wish they had left the trim silence feature open to those who had paid for version 2, but I understand the motivation, especially after listening to their last podcast to see who is behind the app. Consider me subscribed and good luck hitting your goals and not working for someone else!

Not so intuitive

I find this podcast app to be hard to navigate through. It feels unnatural and lacks intuition as you work through the menu. Breaker will be my go to for podcasting!

Better than Apple Podcasts

The user interface is much more convenient than Apple Podcasts with custom playlists as the entrance screen. I haven’t seen ads yet in the app. The app has never crashed on me like other podcast apps. Streaming podcasts is fast and has high fidelity. If you want a great alternative to apple podcasts, choose Castro.


Great app, always bitter though when you pay for an app and it becomes free. Such is life, though. It’s good.

Very good - could be the best with better sorting

It’s a great program - and it has some game changing features. However, there are a couple of pretty annoying issues. #1: it would be awesome to have a way to sort the queue by date and / or podcast. Right now episodes are sorted by download date and things get messy. #2: need better sorting options in every menu. The queue is most important - but manual sorting options in other screens would be easy to add and would make this better than the current best app (IMHO, Overcast)

Best podcast player

This is the best podcast player by far after trying and being frustrated with several others! I’m the type that likes to subscribe to many podcast series, but I don’t listen to all episodes of all of them, only the episodes that sound most interesting. This player streamlines well the process of showing you new episodes, allowing you to easily choose which to download for offline listening, and automatically putting only downloaded episodes on your playlist. You can easily move around the order that downloaded ones will play. Love it!

Newest update removes a feature

Now you cannot skip forward on un-downloaded podcasts, the main reason I paid for this app. Also added a paid subscription for features that should be included in the app I already paid for. Don’t buy this app unless they reverse these changes.

Beautifully Simple and Flow-y

Exactly what I’ve ever wanted out of a podcast app. Navigation is so smooth and intuitive once you understand it. The interface is clean and minimal, yet has some useful features underneath. The only weird thing about it is the name. I wish the name were different. Other than that, major props to the devs on this work of art.

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