Castro 2 App Reviews

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Not so intuitive

I find this podcast app to be hard to navigate through. It feels unnatural and lacks intuition as you work through the menu. Breaker will be my go to for podcasting!

Copying iTunes URL doesn’t work

I tried to copy URL to an iTunes podcast. This app was able to allow me to subscribe to this podcast but there were no episodes available. I tried another podcast app and it worked.

Better than Apple Podcasts

The user interface is much more convenient than Apple Podcasts with custom playlists as the entrance screen. I haven’t seen ads yet in the app. The app has never crashed on me like other podcast apps. Streaming podcasts is fast and has high fidelity. If you want a great alternative to apple podcasts, choose Castro.

Needs iPad Version

We’ll sacrifice the custom UI for the sake of an iPad version!

Digital Crown volume control

Great app. Much more responsive than Apple’s podcast app. It’s unfortunate that the Watch app does not support using the watch to control volume.


Great app, always bitter though when you pay for an app and it becomes free. Such is life, though. It’s good.

Very good - could be the best with better sorting

It’s a great program - and it has some game changing features. However, there are a couple of pretty annoying issues. #1: it would be awesome to have a way to sort the queue by date and / or podcast. Right now episodes are sorted by download date and things get messy. #2: need better sorting options in every menu. The queue is most important - but manual sorting options in other screens would be easy to add and would make this better than the current best app (IMHO, Overcast)

Best podcast player

This is the best podcast player by far after trying and being frustrated with several others! I’m the type that likes to subscribe to many podcast series, but I don’t listen to all episodes of all of them, only the episodes that sound most interesting. This player streamlines well the process of showing you new episodes, allowing you to easily choose which to download for offline listening, and automatically putting only downloaded episodes on your playlist. You can easily move around the order that downloaded ones will play. Love it!

Newest update removes a feature

Now you cannot skip forward on un-downloaded podcasts, the main reason I paid for this app. Also added a paid subscription for features that should be included in the app I already paid for. Don’t buy this app unless they reverse these changes.

Beautifully Simple and Flow-y

Exactly what I’ve ever wanted out of a podcast app. Navigation is so smooth and intuitive once you understand it. The interface is clean and minimal, yet has some useful features underneath. The only weird thing about it is the name. I wish the name were different. Other than that, major props to the devs on this work of art.

New Update is horrible

Use Castro daily, worked great. Last two days have been a nightmare trying to listen to my podcasts. Hopefully, improvements come ASAP or will find new app this weekend.

v3 doesn’t work well with Bluetooth

If you’re someone who enjoys listening to podcasts via Bluetooth headphones, speakers, or car connections, then version 3 of Castro will drive you crazy. Since update v3.0.1 Castro has been unable to hold a Bluetooth connection. The result is dropped audio about every 15 seconds. I’ve reached out to the developers about this twice and received no response. The closest I saw to a response was an acknowledgement of the issue on Twitter with an admittance they were not responding to reports, just trying to remedy. As of v3.0.2 the problem persists. I hope this is fixed quickly as Castro was my favorite podcast app.

My preferred podcast player, but not without its bugs.

The app is very well-made, but I’m having problems with the podcast art/cover constantly needing to be downloaded again whenever the app quits while in the background.

Great UI, newest update fixes Bluetooth issues

Great UI, much better than apple’s stock podcast app. Newest update fixes Bluetooth issues! Now an amazing podcast app!

UGH. Super-irritating bug...

I have loved using Castro ever since discovering it a few months ago, I didn’t realize that I even wanted features outside of the Apple podcast app until I started using them. However, I have been experiencing frustrating bug for the past couple of months: about 1/3 of the episodes that I add to my playlist either start playing somewhere in the middle or just get sent straight to the Archive as though I have heard them already, forcing me to hunt for them in the history and restore them to the playlist. PLEASE fix this already! I’ll be happy to bump this to five stars once that problem goes away.

Like it. Bookmark function will take it next level

Please develop a bookmark function so we can tap the parts of the podcast that we want to refer back to! Ability to add notes would be a bonus ✅ Otherwise great app!

Perfect podcast app for my listening style

I think everyone has a different approach to listening to podcasts. For me, Castro is perfect. Easy to keep things organized without too much effort. Don't need to worry about the hassle of making playlists and all that happy to pay the subscription, but do hope they roll out a few more features to the app now.

Solid at first

But buggy over time. And nobody replies to the support email. Most recent version has also had random crashes.

One small issue

For the most part I love this app! However, from time to time when I'm reordering my Qeue an episode will be archived for no apparent reason. Can't figure out why, it just happens... 🤷🏻‍♂️

Failure to Support

I, too, LOVED Castro. Last March, one of my podcasts (which belongs to a podcast consortium and has a decent number of subscribers) just stopped updating with new episodes. I saw on other apps and social media that there were new episodes - Castro just wasn’t updating. I emailed support and the email kicked back as undeliverable. I tweeted Castro without response. I quit using Castro. 2 months later, I got an email from Castro saying they have fixed the problem and the podcast was updating again. I’m disappointed in Castro due to the lack of timely support, but I see lots of updates were made earlier this month, so I may give it another go.

Great (Enhanced) Audio quality, some key features missing

Probably the best sounding podcast app with the Enhanced Audio feature enabled. It took me some time to get use to the UI/UX but I think I got it. I've been using PocketCast (Overcast before that) whose interface I find quite appealing, but leaves something to be desired when it comes to Audio quality. Having said that, couple of key things I think are still missing for it to be the very best in terms of management. It's not clear how I can download and keep multiple episodes of podcast like Dan Carlin's Hardcore history for say a airplane ride or sometime in the future without mucking up my queue. Archiving them would delete the episodes and some of these are free for only limited period so that wouldn't work. As far as I understand, only queued episodes are downloaded. Would like to be able to download and keep the episodes without adding it to the queue. Second, I do fly a lot and it's extremely annoying to not have the podcast notes along with the download when up in the air. Please fix this! Pocketcasts has this basic feature. These are the only features preventing me from completely switching over. Cheers!

Everything I was looking for

This app just makes sense - I don’t know why all podcasts don’t work in the same way! Apple Podcasts is very confusing but I learned how to use this app immediately, and it’s made my podcast listening much more efficient. It’s a must if you are subscribed to many podcasts. Castro makes its easy to build a queue of episodes from the podcasts you subscribe to. I have my queue automatically download. You can set options for individual shows, so my favorite shows are set to go right into the queue. It has a number of useful features and a beautiful design. Honestly my only complaint so far is the name. I hope they branch out to synced Android and web apps as well some day.

This is the podcast app for me

Castro’s triage system fits how I want to deal with my podcasts. The “Inbox and Queue” model alleviates so much of the housekeeping required of typical podcast apps; with Castro, it feels powerfully simple. Another feat of Castro: The play screen. It remains simple while still giving controls (and visual status) of everything you need like the sleep timer and podcast chapters. Killer design. Two humble feature requests: - An option to force orientation lock - Offline show notes for offline triaging

A Pleasure

Why do podcast apps find it frequently difficult to treat podcast audio files like audio files. Apple podcasts scratched the itch well enough but started adding oddities like ignoring my playlist to download files I’d purposefully skipped or marking episodes as new because I stopped at the end credits. Glad I decided to switch. Castro has been sleek, simple, and a pleasure to use. Turn it on, and it plays uninterrupted as long as I want, even without WiFi or data. So simple a purpose but Castro seems to be the only one willing to do that for me. My only criticism is it does it too well. Would love to see an option where I can have it play my queue sequentially instead of jumping back to the top of the stack. I’ve got an extensive list of podcasts of different types and sometimes I need to switch it up if the mood takes me but at work or in the car I can’t reorder my queue on a whim.

Great update to an already great podcast app

I looked at tons of podcasts apps and this is the only one that really appealed to me. It’s so well designed and I really dig the triage system. The new features like Trim Silence and chapter support made it an easy decision for me to gladly pay for the annual subscription and support this developer. Keep up the great work.


This app does not work at all. Just look at what they had to fix in the last update. They have the audacity to ask you for money for this? Download any of the other numerous podcasting apps out there and don’t waste your time on Castro. When I say it doesn’t work I mean no podcast episode will play on it. There is just an infinite loading circle that never stops. Nothing plays. Then, if it does start playing, it’s audio from a different podcast then the one that’s pulled up on your screen. This is unacceptable from an app that seems to have a good reputation for some reason. It’s a simple audio playing app so I’m not sure how you can muck it up but Castro did. Christ on a cracker!

I want this to be my new go-to podcast app, but...

This app is 90% of the way there to being the perfect podcast app, but it needs to add 2 features and fix one bug: Feature 1. The watch app needs to show the time remaining on the currently playing select. It is a *watch* app, after all. Surprised it doesn’t already have this Feature 2: I like the “add to top” and “add to bottom” of the queue feature in the inbox, but it would be nice to have these controls in the queue screen as well, for easy reordering of items once they’re already added. This feature is especially needed, because of the bug: Bug 1: reordering items in the queue from last to first (bottom to top) is a terrible experience. Dragging an item from the bottom of the list to the top is horribly jerky and it’s just difficult to move an item up past the top of what’s showing on the screen. Don’t know why it does this, going downward is definitely not as problematic. Perhaps it’s because of the fance ‘reordering’ animation when items swap places, but in any case it makes moving stuff to the front of the queue really painful (hence the request for Feature 2).

Awesome podcast app

Castro lets me build the playlist any way I want and lets me delete episodes I'm not interested in before they download. Very sleek and clean. The latest version makes this app the most flexible podcast aggregator/player around. I love that force touch allows me to start the sleep timer. I have a bad habit of falling asleep while listening at night.

Best podcast app for iOS

I know the trendy choice is Overcast, but Castro is a much cleaner app and very reliable. I only wish there was a native iPad version!

Great app but ... pls fix bluetooth controls!

Firstly thank you for a great podcast app. The Inbox sorting method is great. ... but in the latest update my AirPods pause and back/rewind (double tap on right and left AirPods) does not work anymore! Same with my bluetooth speaker controls. This is a killer, pls fix it asap.

Needs Apple Watch volume control

This is a great app for its approach for filtering podcasts from your inbox into your queue of episodes you actually want to listen to, HOWEVER the Apple Watch app lacks the ability to control the volume with the Digital Crown. This is a HUGE annoyance. Please please please fix.

Great overall except for AirPlay 2 support

This is my favorite app for podcasts as features like enhance voices are really useful. However, comparing to built-in Podcasts, it lacks the support for AirPlay 2. And as a result, there is a noticeable latency for both control and playback when streaming to AirPlay 2 devices like HomePod. I hope there is plan for adding AirPlay 2 support so that I can completely replace Podcasts with it.


It’s like this app anticipates what I want to do. It’s perfect. The queue system of downloading prevents bloat, and the methods available for managing podcasts past and future is highly intuitive. There has been very little time investment in deciphering out how the app works. It just does.


All this time people wanted and other podcast players offered a “silence skip” option. It’s one of the reasons even after purchasing the app long ago I stopped using it. I knew once I seen they went to a freemium model and had a paid subscription that feature would now be available.

video podcast

cannot play

Castro encourages good podcast management

I came over from Overcast, where I constantly had episodes piling up, using up way too much of my storage space. Castro forces me to go through my subscribed podcasts in my inbox, consider whether or not I'm interested, and the best end up in my queue (where items are downloaded up to a certain amount of time, rather than an arbitrary or undefined number of episodes, keeping storage use predictable). Everything else is always available in the archives, ready to stream but not downloaded. It's a little more regular time investment in managing podcasts, but pays off with a constant overview of the good episodes I have to look forward to.

Trying to love it. Buggy

Having trouble getting episodes to load sometimes. Also don’t understand how downloading episodes works. When I click episodes it will say streaming when I think I have downloaded it. ??? Also had a bug where I clicked to play an episode in my archive. Cover album and description were correct but audio was playing from the first episode in my queue. I’m a premium user. Gonna give it a little more time.

Doesn’t Work Bad Customer Support

Downloaded to be able to use on my Apple watch. Never showed up on my watch. Also saved about 12 podcasts. When I opened it again it only saved one. I tried to contact support got transferred 3 times the hung-up on. Tried e-mail and response. Don’t waste your time.

Just what I was looking for

I hated the apple podcast app this app was everything that I wanted from the apple podcast app. It’s easy to manage and I never have to spend time looking for new stuff to listen to.

Almost Perfect

I’ve tried all the big players out there and THIS is the best by far. The workflow is perfect. The app works the way that Podcast listening should, allowing you to easily queue the episodes that interest you and discard the ones that don’t. The only thing missing is the ability to search for individual podcast episodes. Hopefully that will come soon. I really give this team credit for thinking differently about how build a player that works more seamlessly.

Great way to manage your daily listens!

Castro 3 has proven a great companion to iCatcher! which had for a longtime been my exclusive podcast manager. I use the triage feature to keep a handle on my frequently updated and more time-sensitive podcasts so the backlog never becomes overwhelming. Intuitive UI and features like trim silence. I still use iCatcher! for my longer form listening, but am loving Castro 3 and use it daily. And it’s not annoying or pretentious like Overcast.

Failing to Load New Podcasts

Getting message saying “failed to load” for all podcasts over the past several days. Usually amazing app.

This app is having issues downloading

In the past 2-3 weeks (this is written on 6/11/2018) this app has been pretty inconsistent in downloading apps when connected to wi-fi. I’m not sure if it’s the app or an iOS issue.

Any plans for audiobooks playback?


Great despite gun and function

Loved v2 and v3 even better... I really appreciate the developer’s attention to detail both in design and function. Great work.

Great app

So far so good. It really fits the way I listen to podcasts. It’s not for those who like to build multiple playlists (effectively you only have one with this app) but for everyone else it is really good. The audio quality is great, the app is efficient and stable, and the design is really good too. Intuitive, fun to use, and works really well. I have bounced around between a lot of podcast apps but I think I might have finally found what works best for me.


Subscription? Here’s a 1 star for you. 😆

The best app for a casual podcast listener

I tend to subscribe to a bunch of podcasts that interest me. However, I don’t listen to every episode religiously. Castro is the only app that works for my use case. I like the ability to quickly glance at new episodes in the inbox, add the ones I like to my queue (and have them automatically download). Moreover, what I really like is the ability to quickly see all the episodes (ever) for any podcast. Most other apps just show a few episodes at a time and often omit the episode description. Nothing is more than one tap away. Great job!

Still the best Podcast app, but..

1) Apologies for saying you removed a free feature and were now charging for it. Not cool by me. 2) Did you really need to spend all that time ‘improving’ the playback screen? It’s sort of busy, and, like the double-layered button bar on the queue screen, has a much higher cognitive load now. 3) If you want to focus on whiz bang new features, add some discovery and suggestions. I’m still running Apple’s Podcasts app for discovery and search because its more powerful in that regard. 4) Another option is syncing between devices. All I need synced are a list of inbox episodes and a playback point so that I can easily resume on another device (I don’t need it to actually download the episode I’m the background; I just need the metadata around what I might want to hear on another device and, when I hit play, for it to resume from where I left off)

New favorite podcast listening app!!

Where has this app been all my life?!?!! A buffer to hold episodes - before I choose to add them to my listening queue, the option to add or skip new episodes & get this: listening to episodes out of order doesn't wreck my "up next list" - it just reshuffles my queue!!! GENIUS! UI is Lazer quick and intuitive. Easy access controls and uncluttered screens. Absolute heaven. Totally earned a spot on phone page 1, right where my old podcasting app used to be.

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