Castro 2 App Reviews

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Perfectly minimal

Minimalism at its best, no fluff just the essentials working perfectly!

Great podcast app

I love it. It’s very well designed. The concept of Inbox and Queue really work to filter what you’re intending to listen. They did a great job with this app!

Used to be my favorite app

Zero tech support. Error messages are the norm. Don’t buy this.

Better than apples version


I love the app but this call bug is frustrating

Whenever I get a call the app pauses but then resumes immediately.

Perfect for CarPlay, bad layout on the phone though.

The layout on the iPhone is ugly to say the least, pretty hard to navigate compared to other podcast apps. I continue to use this app because of its features to add a podcast you like to the beginning or end of the queue automatically. It also works fine for CarPlay which is where I mostly listen to podcasts. Also while it’s not a huge deal, the now playing screen on the iPhone needs a huge overhaul, it should show the cover art for the podcast, have airplay options, etc.

My favorite podcast app

More thorough and intuitive than Apple’s increasingly frustrating app. I only wish there were a Mac version so I can seamlessly listen on my laptop and iPhone.

Terrific and innovative app!

Castro 2 is a terrific app! I enjoy its innovative interface and well-designed aesthetic.

A great way to listen to podcasts

I switched to Castro (from Overcast) about a year ago, and I vastly prefer it. The inbox triage model is brilliant – so simple and effective compared to managing playlists in other apps. The developers are very thoughtful about the listener's experience, and the simple business model (no ads, no in-app purchases – just buy the app up front for a reasonable price), shows great respect to the listening audience.

Muy bien!

Bien hecho!

Best podcast app

If you enjoy listening to podcasts this is the best way, hands down!

Fast and simple

I'm so glad I moved to Castro from the Apple podcasts app. My one complaint—it is annoyingly tedious to listen to back episodes of shows you are subscribed to.

Much better than Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts continued to get worse over time, so now I’m using Castro and it is like a breath of fresh air.

Nearly perfect

Sharp, clean interface for OCD types. Imaginative way to organize, with inbox and queue.

Wonderfully Simple - Inbox Feature Is Great

Switched to this one from Overcast. This one lets me automatically download the podcasts I know I will always listen to (like in many other apps). For the other ones I subscribe to, I can either get a notification for new releases in the Castro inbox or I can have them archived with the rest of the old episodes. The thing that makes this app unlike any other is the inbox. If there are some podcasts you like, but you don’t want to listen to every episode, this app makes sifting through those much more simple. It’s a great app and well worth the cost.

Looking forward to V3

Can't wait

Love the flow of the app

Castro makes podcast management a breeze.

Better than native but could be better

Definitely better than Apple’s app. However I’d like to see: - an easy way to move episodes once they’re in the queue. - a way to specify that a certain podcast should be played as a miniseries and placed in cue in release order, all episodes at once. - a way to assign relative priority to podcasts. So that if I add a new episode of a super-favorite podcast it’s added at the very top, but if I add an episode from a “regular” show, it’s added beneath it - a way to say: only ever keep the last “N” episodes from this podcast. Or only keep them if they are no older than “D” days. - a way to explode shows from same publisher or author - a web interface to easily manage subscriptions and queues on a pc or Mac. Or a Mac app.

Finally a podcast app with an on the go queue! Needs Apple Watch app.

I searched high and low for an app that allowed me to choose specific episodes and add them to a playlist WITHOUT having to subscribe to the entire podcast. Finally I came across Castro. Now I can choose individual episodes of a podcast and line them up in a playlist, change the order, stream or download, it's everything I was looking for - checked all my boxes in a podcast app.

Beautiful design with extra features

This app looks beautiful. The interactions feel fun and intuitive. The ability to have any episode, from any subscription, automatically add to either the bottom or top of the queue is an awesome feature. This is a great app that I would recommend to anyone needing a little more out of your podcast listening.

Excellent app to organize and queue podcasts

I'd been using Overcast for a couple of years, but I really wanted something that was better at organizing a number of different podcasts. After nearly a year with Castro, I've been really pleased with how it works. It handles a wide range of podcasts, and it's easy to set which ones to download, queue, and the ones to skip (archive). The Castro model works better for me than any of the other clients I've tried. I also really enjoy their own podcast - a really good interesting look into podcasting apps, and their own journey developing Castro.

My favorite podcast app just got better!

Just really really good. Not only my favorite podcasting app, my most used app, period. Update: My love for this app remains strong! Update 2: yup, this is still the best!

Solves a Podcast Problem I Never Knew I Had

I have gotten so used to the triage system in Castro, and now I can’t use any other podcast app. Everything else feels clunky now... Not to mention the devs were clearly very intentional with designing Castro, and it shows in the UX. This is a must have for podcast listeners who are tired of managing playlists and queues. Castro does podcast streaming with style. The only lacking features are trim silence (as other reviews have pointed out), and the option to change font size would be appreciated. These slight gripes don’t take away from the rest of the app, however. Again, this is a must-have.

iPad support please!

iPad support please!

Solid app with great design.

The inbox feature of Castro is innovative and let's you subscribe to podcasts without committing to downloading every new episode. This app is worth it for that feature alone.

My podcast app of choice

There are a number of good options for podcasting apps on iOS. Which is nice. Selection and competition are a good thing. For the way I listen, Castro is my favorite. The two guys who make this app are constantly improving it, and they are very receptive to listening to their users. As a result, the app just keeps getting better. I recommend you give it a try.

V nice

Works well. Very nice. Slick. Recommend.

Great Design - Near Perfect App

I love the minimal design and effortless functionality. They practiced amazing design philosophy by designing their entire app around their core differentiating feature, queue management. Each screen shows exactly what you need and only what you need. Each button clearly indicates what the button does. The Dark mode is fantastic when driving at night, not distracting at all. My only complaint is that the app lacks chapter support. I am a huge fan of Relay FM podcasts and I love using their chapter markers to navigate through the episodes. I feel like if Castro added chapter support this would become the best overall podcast app.

Best podcast app available!

I’m a huge podcast fan and this is my go to app. Beautifully lush design, super intuitive interface, rock solid handling of feeds. My only complaint is I wish it had some way to tag or organize certain feeds into sub folders. Otherwise can’t miss app!

Wonderful tool for the Podcast enthusiast

This app is a wonderful listening tool if you, like me, subscribe to a bunch of podcasts. I subscribe to at least 40 podcasts and have a hard time getting through all of them. This app is allowed me to listen to them efficiently, organize them in a playlist style, and held me to discover which podcast I love and which podcast that I don't need. Worth every penny.

Great podcast player for me; wish it had chapter support

Castro's "triage" scheme fits the way I listen to podcasts. While the app may not be for everybody, its inbox system models the way that I want to deal with incoming episodes. Looking at core functionality, the app is stable and the interface is pleasant. Also, the Notification Center widget is fantastic! Feature requests: - Chapter marker support - Download all shownotes for episodes in Inbox so that I can triage offline

Best podcast app

The queue actually helps me finish my podcasts. Playback could use polish ie smart speed, intro skip, chapter support and a Apple Watch app. I would also prefer artwork in the now playing screen but this app gets me to listen to my subscribed shows so I love it.

Great app

I have only used a few apps but wanted a better app for CarPlay. This is a great solution.


Pause it for less than 30 seconds and it won’t resume unless you force quit and reopen

Fantastic but needs silence trimming, sorry.

I love this app, but it does feel like the devs won’t implement silence trim for other reasons that aren’t practical. Who cares if overcast has it, this app is leaps and bounds better, but doesn’t have what I really think should be a standard feature for a premium app. I think this is fair. 4 stars until that feature is added, then 5. Other than that, this app is he best podcast app on the market.

Still no trim silences?

UPDATE: Lowering my review to two stars. The fact that there's still not trim silences is kind of unbelievable. It feels at this point like the developers are just folding their arms and pouting and putting their feet down because they're tired of the requests, but I've listened to their podcasts and I know they understand that this is easily the biggest, most requested missing feature. It just baffles me that they would rather dedicate so much development time to other features than just buckle down and add this one that is absolutely standard in today's podcast player market. Not to mention they still don't save playback settings per podcast or support chapter markers. What? It's a wonderful, unique app in a lot of ways, but it's missing crucial features that hold it back. It's kind of heartbreaking. ORIGINAL: I want to love Castro, but to me, trim silences should be considered a standard feature in a modern podcast app. I've tried to get into Castro so many times now because they add such cool stuff with their big updates and the general hook of treating podcasts like an email inbox, but it's been months and trim silences, a long-requested feature, is still nowhere to be seen. (As well, I want Castro to remember playback speed settings for each podcast.) So yet again, back to boring old Overcast for me.

I love this app

I love everything about this app. The design—I love how compact the episodes are in the queue. So many other podcast apps are bloated design-wise, where you can only see 3 or so episodes at a time. I hate that. I don’t want to be inundated with info. I just wanna see the titles. I love the drag and drop (in particular the ability to move multiple items at once.) The inbox is brilliant. There some podcasts with multiple formats of which I only like one. This allows me to archive the others without having them dumped in my queue and downloaded. But my hands down favorite features are the archive & history. There are some podcasts that I don’t listen to on a regular basis but like to check in on every so often. This allows me to follow them so that I don’t forget about them but to go find an episode when I want to. And of course history. I’m usually on the go when listening and don’t have time to note episodes I really enjoy. With the history I can do back and see what I heard. Sometimes the impact of an episode doesn’t hit for a week or more. With history I can still go find them. Simple but essential. And the dates they were listened to on is saved as well! —just an impressive level of care. Fingers crossed for smart speed/silence skipping, a speed between 2x & 3x and custom playback settings for individual shows — nobody should listen to Song Exploder at 2x.

Amazing App, but no syncing

Good app. I've used pocket casts, overcast, and Castro 1. Castro 1 was my favorite but lacked dark mode or favoriting features. This is quick and very usable on my old 5S and 4S. It's complex to set all podcasts to go to the queue, but once I Got it configured to send most to the queue, it's nice having both. Would like a way to easily sync between devices, and a web player would be nice, but for now it's still my favorite!

Love this app

Castro 2 gives this avid podcast listener all the control I need over the many podcasts I subscribe to. I like the queue especially as I can order the podcasts as I wish without having to plunder around in the downloads. Consequently, I’m listening more frequently to the wonderful podcasts folks are making for us!

Can’t believe how good this app is

I was talked into buying this app thinking it was a complete waste of $4 when I can listen to podcasts for free with the native app. Take it from a former skeptic... this app is worth the money. You will love it.

Best Podcast App Out There

I love this app. The various playback speeds are great and sound much better in this app than others I have tried. And the control the app grants over what to download automatically and what to save for later is awesome. I highly recommend Castro.

You’ve saved my marriage!

My husband is in his 70’s and is NOT a techie. I had him doing pretty well with the podcast app that comes with an iPhone. Then Apple updated the app. VERY bad. I researched podcast apps and after reading the CNET article, decided on Castro. When I explained it to my husband, it was my first look at your app. Not only did we both understand it the first time through, Jim told me this evening - a couple months down the road - that he’s never had one problem with it!!! This is the man who blames his phone for taking too long texting large files and flips out when an icon is substituted for a word. Thank you for your wonderful user friendly app. I’ll suggest your app to everyone I meet.

No search. Titles are bonk

I like this app a lot for the queueing feature. Truly there is nothing like it. However, where is search?? And, why do episode titles not match what you might see in other podcast apps?

So far, so good

I just started using Castro 2, and I like the system of “triage” (the inbox and queue system). It’ll take some getting used to, but I hope this will help me get through all the podcasts I want to listen to! One thing I do wish Castro had: the ability for me to mark certain episodes as “to listen.” There are past episodes I want to listen to, but I want to use the star button to mark an episode as a personal favorite.

Glossy but underwhelming

The only podcast player that can’t start playing while buffering. The failure sound you get when you try is like nails on a chalkboard. It’s also the only audio player that 100% fails when switching to my AirPods. It goes silent and the podcast continues without audio. It’s bizarre. I’ve been here since Castro 1.


May replace Overcast for me

This is it.

The podcast app I’ve been waiting for.

Queue System FTW!

Castro 2 is incredibly well conceived and executed. I love Overcast's feature-set and technical finesse (Smart Speed and Voice Boost), but its visual details leave a lot to be desired. Castro meets about 95% of Overcast's technical features (Smart Speed is one hell of a drug), while adding an easy to navigate queue system—and this for me, edges Castro past Overcast. It also goes without saying, Castro is a gorgeous app I'm always delighted to use. I particularly love the two finger night-mode switch/flick gesture—SO SATISFYING; and the podcast scrubber 💯. The Castro team recently added a voice-boost-esque feature which works well for me. I still support Overcast and indie-podcast devs, but Castro is my default for the foreseeable future. Your move Overcast… [UPDATE: 171010] Hope to receive feedback here. I restored my device and rebuilt my app directory from scratch (as opposed to restoring from a backup) for maintenance and buggy software purposes. Device is working a lot better now, but I was shocked that Castro didn’t keep an OPML or a .Castro file that remembers my queue, inbox, and subscriptions in iCloud. After manually installing and setting up every app (discounting ones that require a login), it’s quite jarring to not have an app restore a backup from iCloud. Only other app that didn’t do that is Streaks (also shocking). Really hope this feature gets implemented soon. I’m of the opinion that a cloud backup feature is table-stakes this day and age for precisely this reason. And I’m very diligent with backups, where I imagine most people are not. [UPDATE: 171215] Backup to iCloud feature is here! Will test out restore functionality soon. Thanks Supertop! [UPDATE: 180114] Got my iPhone X and finally got to use the restore function (setting up my phone manually, not restoring from backup) and it worked (almost) like a charm. The first attempt at restoring, during onboarding, didn’t work. It just stood there. So I cancelled and went ahead to main screen. Then I backed my original device, within Castro. Then finally restored in Castro settings of new device and it worked flawlessly. I love the iPhone X app design, the Supertop team rocks! 🐙

Thank you, the best app at all


Great! But one feature request

I wish there was a way to select multiple podcasts in my que or inbox to send over to move to other boxes. Other than that, way better than the default Apple podcasts app.

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