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Best podcast app

I have tried a lot of podcast apps but the queue option is what I needed..

Almost perfect

The latest update has brought it in line with other premiere podcasting apps. I love the triaging approach, and the new silence trimming and playback settings have caught it up with competitors. The pricing model is fair (and a good deal given the market these days for subscriptions). A couple minor additions would improve it. I’d love to have faster triaging through swipes (in the same style as many popular email apps), like left to archive, long left to send to bottom of the queue, etc. The other thing that’d be great is an “outro” slimming the same way there is an intro skip. Some podcasts have very long credits or other ending segments that would be great to trim off.


Why would you remove landscape view???? The only time I listen to podcasts is in my car. I deleted my last podcast player because they did that. One star and delete. I won’t even go into the new paid subscription. You realize there’s free options out there? Let alone the people like me who just bought this app a few months ago. THANKS FOR NOTHING.

Losing Features

So I paid for this app and now after “upgrading” I lose the trim silence feature? This goes against my sense of what’s fair. If this was something that needed to be done on a server I might understand. But isn’t this a functionality built into the software but now we have to pay a periodic ransom to use it?

Excellent update

I previously gave Castro a try and loved the inbox triage system, but eventually went back to Pocket Casts for the trim silence feature. Now that Castro has this feature too I’m switching back. Great update overall. My only complaint is the trim silence doesn’t seem to work that well. On average with the podcasts I listen to it only saves about 1 second per minute. I often notice silences are still left in so the algorithm for this feature can definitely be more aggressive.

Great podcast app

Castro has everything I need (enhanced sound, silence trim, smooth speeding, awesome sorting) plus it’s the best looking podcast app out there.

Shame on you.

Seriously? I buy your app for $5 and then you turn around and give it away for free and request that if I want features that most podcast apps already have I need to subscribe for $9 a year. But oh we get to keep the volume boost and night mode as loyal customers. So what are all future updates gonna be subscriber only now? I’d love to see ads in my app too can I request that? Seems like I care a lot but I don’t. You just deserve a harsh review for your shady actions. Going back to Pocket Cast now(The best podcast app for iOS, $3. Better UI, more features, regular updates, and no BS.

The gold standard of podcast apps

A must have for those who appreciate design and well considered & deployed code. As someone who has purchased most of the major podcast apps, I can say that Castro is now my go to app.

Perfect Fit

This app is perfect for how I like to listen to podcasts. There are so many good shows I'm interested in, and more coming out all the time. I want to keep track of them but won't listen every week. Castro lets me quickly breeze through the barrage of new episodes, queue the ones that look interesting, and archive the rest. Love this app!

iPad version

Plz add iPad version

Podcast 'queue' is brilliant

Finally a podcast app built around the idea that I won't actually listen to every episode of every podcast I subscribe to. Favorites are also useful - unlike other apps, you can easily reference and share favorited podcasts.

Best designed app but always behind

I love the way this app is designed and it would be the one podcast app I would choose to always use is perpetually behind on features. Apple Watch? No. Ipad? No. Voice boost? No. Silence skip? No. You get the idea. These are features other apps have had (in some cases) for years. Don't get me wrong, I love the design of the app. But I wouldn't consider buying a car if it didn't have power windows and air, which is what this app feels like when using it. This is a wonderfully designed app that is simply crippled by a lack of standard features. Update Getting better...slowly. Four stars now. Castro now includes a voice booster, which is great. I believe they are the first podcast player to implement drag and drop, which is also great. Adding an Apple Watch app would bump it up to five stars for me; the Now Playing app on the Apple Watch just doesn’t cut it. Keep up the good work guys! 3.0 Update Five stars after latest update. Simply the best podcast player on the App Store, period. Give it a try; you can’t go wrong with this one.

This is what I wanted

This version fixes everything I hate about podcast players and makes them fun again. The paid subscription is priced fair and worth every penny if you are an avid podcast listener. Well done!

I miss the old playback scrubber

The old waveform-esq scrubber was clever, clear, and unique. The new plain bar is uninspired and unclear. Otherwise great app

Amazing podcast!

So I’ve always been on Apples podcast app and didn’t mind it at first, but after being flooded with so many episodes on my favorite podcasts...I needed an app that can keep my favorites in a queue. So that I don’t have to keep jumping from one podcast to the next even when driving especially! After trying Castro Podcast app for a day, I loved it. Heck I even signed up for the week trial to enhance my podcast experience! Also, what’s a plus about this is that it supports Apple Watch! Now I do have one request that can be implemented in a future update...if you guys can let the watch control the volume that would be awesome!! Thanks again!

Excellent update

This is an excellent update. Has quickly become my default podcast player. The inbox/queue method is so brilliant!

Great Update

Love the inbox and ability to adjust the play order. Nicest looking podcast player I’ve ever used. Will be upgrading to the subscription plan. You guys earned it.

Subscription model? No thank you.

Unreal that every app is trying to get on board this. I refuse to pay a subscription for an app.

Hands Down, My Favorite Podcast App

Before the latest update, Castro already had the best system for triaging podcasts, and for someone like me, who likes deciding at a glance what to keep and what to shelve, that mechanism was enough to keep Castro around. But with Castro 3, some much needed features have been added, and with those features, Castro blows every other podcast away. Castro now allows users to trim silences, shaving listening time down by minutes at at a time. The new player is beautiful and intuitive, and the level of customization is amazing. Yes, Supertop has moved to a subscription model, but the features that are behind the paywall are well worth the VERY affordable subscription price. At $9/year, this is a steal. If you’re dissatisfied with your current podcast app, you owe it to yourself to give Castro a try!

Randomly plays podcasts

Has already twice randomly unpaused and started playing podcasts without me touching the phone. Needless to say this is unacceptable and pretty embarrassing in meetings.

Incredible attention to detail! This app is a pleasure to use.

One example of the kind of awesome attention to detail: if you’ve gone deep into the menus searching or browsing, you can tap the search button in the bottom menu bar and each tap will take you “back” one level, finally taking you to the default “search” page. One more tap and it put the cursor into the search bar itself. This probably seems silly to read, and perhaps I explained it poorly, but in practice it’s exactly what you’d EXPECT the app to do in that context and it’s flawlessly executed. “Little” things like this abound and make it a very pleasant experience to manage and listen to podcasts.

My favorite podcast app [even better]

I listen to dozens of podcasts and really appreciate the ability to quickly adjust the order of episodes using the inbox metaphor. Now with drag and drop it is even easier. Version 3 is a major step forward. The addition of the Apple Watch app cements it's place as my favorite podcasting app by far.

Another subscription model

Sorry I paid for it Castro 2. Now nothing has changed, they are calling it Castro 3 and asking for a subscription. Now on the look for a new podcast app. Delete

From great to Best

Once I tried the queue model in Castro I couldn't go back to other podcast Apps. But the player always felt confusing in Castro 2, and I really missed silence removal from Overcast. The latest version fixes both things and adds a bunch of new features. Subscribed for the year in the first 5 mentira.

Love the organization and interface

It’s great to finally have smart speed in this amazingly designed app. I hope Apple updates the Watch APIs to allow for stand along playback on the Watch. My biggest remaining hope is that Supertop can add syncing and a way to listen on Mac (preferably a Mac app, but a website would work). An iPad interface would also be wonderful.

Terrific and innovative app!

Castro 2 is a superb app. I enjoy its innovative interface and beautiful aesthetic. I subscribe to a high number of podcasts but love being able to screen which episodes actually go into my queue. The app’s sound quality is also terrific.

🐝 🦄 Lovely app.

Thanks Supertop. I am absolutely thrilled with this update. Subscriptions don’t thrill me, but you can have my 9 pesos because the app is like the ambrosía of the gods—sweet and magical.

Best podcast app but put landscape back

I love the triage model of Castro. It’s great for power commuters like me. I can set up my drive in 3 taps and life is good. I deducted 2 stars because landscape support was removed for phones. It’s the only mode I use while driving.

iPad App?

There really isn’t an excuse to not support iPad, especially when you are asking for a subscription.

I love the app but this call bug is frustrating

Whenever I get a call the app pauses but then resumes immediately.

Too much distortion

I don't know what it is, but compared to PocketCast, podcasts in Castro sound a bit distorted and slight muffled. It's not much, but for me it is noticeable.


It's a beautiful app that works wonderfully I'm just disappointed that they took features people bought with Castro 2 and put them behind another paywall with an app update.

Basically no chapter support? Try Overcast instead

Locking chapters and chapter artwork behind a paywall (a subscription no less) is like releasing a web browser with anchor links and images behind paywalls. As a podcast producer, I want ALL of my listeners to have access to these basic features. We need to push Apple to support these features out of the box in Podcasts, not continue to hide them. This is purely accessibility, not a glamorous feature.

Subscription Model Strikes Again

Castro 2 was good while it lasted I suppose. I know I still have those features in 3, but I'm not going to pay in perpetuity for features I can already get from other podcasts apps I've bought for much cheaper. I would have happily shelled out for a paid upgrade, but $9/year is over priced. Yes, it is cheaper than Overcasts' premium subscription, but you can get literally everything that you are offering in your Plus subscription in Pocket Casts with a one-time purchase. Castro 2 was really well done and a pleasure to use, but it lacked a lot of features that Pocket Casts had. Now that you have caught up with Castro 3, users have to shell out for a subscription to reach feature parity. I liked Castro for the triage feature, but it's not worth sticking around for that alone. At any rate, I wish you guys all of the best. I just feel like it would be disingenuous of me to recommend a subscription based app when there are better alternatives.

The best podcast app!

I’ve been using Castro for quite a while, and it’s by far my favorite podcast app. The triage model is awesome, allowing me to more easily pick and choose what I want to listen to, preventing me from getting bogged down with too many unlistened-to episodes. I highly recommend the subscription—8.99/year is priced right and you get a lot of quality features (plus you get to support an awesome two person development team). Try the free version for a while and get hooked!

Everything I want in a podcast app

Welcome to perfection. Proud plus user - trim silence has me hooked.

Fantastic app - but needs playback speed between 2 and 3!

I use 2x playback on most apps except pod save America, which is such as idiotic podcast I need x3 to get through it without clawing my eyes out. Some podcasts definitely need 2.5 speed - please add a 2.5x playback setting.

A powerful, elegantly logical app

The name does not do it justice. It was the third app I tried as an alternative to native iOS app. It’s fast. Well thought out. Makes perfect sense. Not bloated with fancy graphics. It seems to do everything its competitors does - without all the hoo ha!! Nicely done, developers! Definitely one of my favorite apps. Thank you!

A million times better than Apple

I downloaded this app because I was sick of the Apple one. Castro is intuitive, convenient, and has revolutionized the way I listen to podcasts. Well worth the money.

Great podcast app! Much better than Apple’s app

Easy to track your favorite episodes without taking up you phone memory.

A Gem of Podcast

Love this app! Almost perfect to me. But it looks like that I can’t adjust the order of playlists.

Good but cannot play at half speed

Good interface. Better than Apple's podcast app. My big beef is that while you can speed up podcasts, good for news and entertainment, you cannot slow down to half speed which is necessary for language learning. They don't seem interested in making this small change so if you need this then move on.

Great base for a podcast app

Really solid app even though I think it is missing a couple of features other apps do. UX and design keep it above other apps for me. Would love to see chapter support and smart speed in the future though.

Needs support for iPad

Although this app works great on my iPhone, I can also use it on my iPad, but the layout is just 2X the size of the iPhone layout, not a pleasant user experience, please consider remake the UI for iPad (just like what Pocket Casts does), thx.

Best podcast app for iOS



Pause it for less than 30 seconds and it won’t resume unless you force quit and reopen

So close to perfect

Best podcast app I’ve tried by far. Definitely worth the money. Just a couple UI frustrations in the Queue view. It’s very cumbersome to rearrange the order once the episode is in the queue. Dragging and dropping takes forever and there’s no more “top of the queue” button like there is in the Inbox. A “sort by” option would be cool too. Different options to group episodes by show, date, etc. Otherwise, I love this app and use it more than any other app on my phone.

Good app, lacking support

Great app, but no way of updating a podcast that has a messed up feed.

5 Stars!

Loved the app and ease of use. Used on a long road trip with CarPlay and had no issues.

This app belongs on your home screen

Absolutely first-class app. I’ve been an iPhone user since day one in 2007, and I’m usually reluctant to go outside Apple-created apps without good reason. However, I’m also an avid GTD user, so as soon as I saw Castro, I knew I had to get it. After having used it a while, it’s clear a lot of time, thought, and effort has been put into getting it where it needs to be. Awesome job 😃😃😃 Earned it’s place on my home screen.

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